Innovation at the heart of our growth

Creativity is our strength

Since the beginning of our activities, we have never stopped inventing new solutions to satisfy our costumers’ needs. Innovation is driven by our R&D department made up of more than 50 experts. These design, automation and printing specialists are the men and women who meet your needs every day.


Cardboard as inspiration

If Cardboard is often used as packaging to protect the everyday products couldn’t we use it for other purposes ?


Design sans titre


Cardboard is a material that can be transformed to suit your needs thanks to its many properties

Its lightweight makes it very easy to manipulate and energy-efficient.

Easy to transform
The only limit is your imagination.

Once transformed cardboard becomes very resistant.
Combining quality and R&D expertise, we are capable of providing nice and rugged products.

Cardboard is the most recycled material in the world, it has amazing reuse capabilities.
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Rewarding our creativity


Showcase of Flexography, Flexostars event is the only annual national event that rewards the best printed work


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