Industrial solutions Industrial solutions

Rossmann group is proud to accompany the development of industrial products since more than 100 years
Our Group is historically among European leaders in automotive industry packaging
Packaging is a function, we analyse it in terms of total industrial cost
Our teams are in the state of the art to help you find the best leverage between your needs and packaging costs

Kits and Box pallets

Ces emballages sont destinés au transport de pièces lourdes et volumineuses
Ils sont composés de plusieurs éléments livrés à plat sur palette
Leur mise en volume est simple et rapide

Partitions and wedges

Nous vous invitons à nous consulter pour vos besoins spécifiques en calages, intercalaires, protections en carton ondulé et polystyrène

An ecological and biodegradable alternative to EPS protections



Octabin is designed to contain more than one metric ton of goods

Its octagonal shape improves stacking strength while reducing bulging pressure

Options : reinforcing tape, crash lock bottom (Rosstainer), printing,...